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Meet Laura Barnes

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Put simply, people are my passion. I’ve had multiple careers spanning hospitality, private service, academia, and sport - and the common theme has been “service in support of others”. I love getting to know people, their challenges, and the things in life that absolutely excite and delight them. We all have a story that has shaped us, and I believe we all have something greater within us that has yet to be unleashed.

Throughout my life, I have found myself in situations where I put my dreams and aspirations on hold so I could support someone else’s dreams. It came pretty naturally to me because I’m a really good cheerleader! But I also wound up feeling depleted, drained, and completely uninspired by the person I became as a result of setting aside what I wanted to be someone else’s “cheerleader”. When I finally tapped back into my own desires and passions, it became obvious - my purpose in life is to help other people re-discover who they are and what matters to them. You can pursue the things that set your soul on fire while ALSO being an amazing partner, parent, or supporter of others!

I have worked with athletes, entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, and even stay-at-home moms on a mission! If you are ready to experience the life you desire, I‘m here to help make that a reality!!

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Services Offered

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Faculty Lecture and Workshop

Free Vision Call

The first step in the journey is getting clear on where you want to go. This is the space to dream big, talk about the things you’re passionate about, and get totally FIRED UP about the possibilities!

Coaching Services

1:1 or small group virtual coaching. Every session is about YOU - strategies, mindset shifts, limiting beliefs, new ways of approaching old problems. We dig into all of it to support your progress toward the vision

Vision Workshops

If you lead a team or manage an organization, these workshops can be a great way to introduce everyone to the importance of crafting a vision that directs their work & focus.

Multipointed Star

What Clients Say

“Laura’s questions alone really expanded my thinking!”

“Laura is the type of coach who walks the walk! And the talk part is fun, FUNNY, and inspiring!!”

“Laura will challenge you - but the end result will be everything you could want and more.”

“I gained so much knowledge & perspective from our call!”

“She helped me dig deeper into what I want and how to make it happen!”

The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be

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